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Support The Salvation Army in a Meaningful Way

  • Keep us thriving with your planned gift
  • Take advantage of numerous tax and financial benefits
  • Leave a legacy to be remembered by future generations

Growing Older Pays When it Comes to a Gift Annuity

Did you know that charitable gift annuity payments are based on your age?

A charitable gift annuity is a contract under with a charity such as The Salvation Army agrees to pay a fixed amount of money to one or two individuals for their lifetimes in exchange for a transfer of cash, marketable securities or other assets now. The fixed payment amounts are not subject to interest rate changes.

There are two benefits to charitable gift annuities:

  1. Fixed payments for life - a gift annuity can provide lifetime payments for up to two individuals, and can start immediately or be deferred to future years.
  2. A gift to The Salvation Army will support programs and services in future years. After you and any other annuitant have received payments for life, the remainder stays with the Army to support its programs.

For more information on supporting The Salvation Army through a charitable gift annuity, please call our planned giving professionals at 773.205.3515 or send us an email

Interested in finding out what your annuity payments might be? Please click here to download Charitable Gift Annuity Rates for 2016.