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Support The Salvation Army in a Meaningful Way

  • Keep us thriving with your planned gift
  • Take advantage of numerous tax and financial benefits
  • Leave a legacy to be remembered by future generations

Stock gifts for 2020 - here is our transfer agent information:
The Salvation Army - Metropolitan Division is pleased to share how we receive electronic transfers. Please let us know if you/your client transfer a stock gift. We would like to credit and receipt your generosity. Communicate with us if you have mutual funds, foreign securities, bonds or physical securities that you wish to give so we can provide you the appropriate account details for the transfer. 

Our Transfer Agent: The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon)
  BNY Mellon Capital Markets
  500 Grant St. 4th Floor,  Rm 475
Pittsburg, PA 15258
  Attn: Jorja Watts (412) 234-0439
Our Account information: DTC #0443 (Wire Trans No.) Pershing, LLC
  Account Number – N7M001798
The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division's FEIN #36-2167910
Please provide this information to your broker also please communicate with us your intentions so we can credit and appropriately recognize your gift. 
Call - 773-205-3577 - Georgette Tarnow, JD, LLM   Planned Giving - Admin. 
Thank you.